Toro Talk: Welcome to our blog

Authentic Chinese Cuisine in Bristol

We built our blog to take you on a culinary journey to the far east and, whether you are looking for traditional and authentic Chinese cooking or you want to experience the latest Chinese food flavours, you’re in the right place.

For those in the know, Toro Noodle Bar is already so much more than just a noodle bar. It’s Bristol’s best kept secret but most wonderful Chinese restaurant.

Traditional and authentic Chinese cooking

Due to our Park Street location and its proximity to the iconic Wills Memorial Building, many East Asian students try us looking for a taste of home, but they return, time and time again, because we are always innovating and developing new concepts, dishes and flavour blends for them.

They are well-travelled customers and they tell us that we are one of their favourite Chinese restaurants in Europe. Of course, all are welcome and for the inquisitive palate, the result is a fresh experience; the opportunity to try something new, knowing that it will be made fresh, using the finest ingredients, every time.

Chinese food

We are also proud of the authentic Chinese food we offer. Our menu includes traditional Chinese dishes from regions such as ShenzhenChongqing and Sichuan. This blog is going to share with you some of the inspirations we have taken from those regions and beyond.

Oriental cuisine

For those who are new to the delicious and healthy possibilities of east Asian cuisine, we can introduce you dish by dish to so many fine new dishes for you to see, smell and taste. Our pan-Asian selections —from Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea and Indonesia. We are waiting to help you explore.

Toro is all set to become Bristol’s destination Chinese restaurant. Make a reservation today or if you really want to get ahead of the crowd with all the latest news, promotions and exciting developments from our innovative Chinese kitchen, follow our social media via the buttons at the bottom of the page.

We welcome your feedback and, as this Toro Talk blog develops over time, we’ll bring you more of what you want to see based on what is and isn’t useful to you.