Are your taste buds craving something new?

Then you’re ready to try real Chinese food.  

If you’re looking to invigorate your senses more than ever before, close your eyes and imagine you are whisked away on a long, long journey south-eastward from Bristol to Venice and the start of the ancient Silk Road. Now all the way past the snow-capped Himalaya to the Orient and beyond; over the Great Wall to the Far East and China.

To you the discerning diners of Bristol, we are very proud to introduce the real tastes of China — a culinary adventure to every corner. The food of provinces like ShenzhenChongqing and Sichuan and Xiang cuisine awaits you.

Xiang cuisine is one of the famous Eight Great Traditions of Chinese cuisine. We honour the culinary skills, the rigorous standards and the kitchen disciplines established in China by our ancestors throughout the ages, in order to bring you the perfect meal experience:

Colours and textures that excite the eyes; herbal combinations that invigorate and nourish your body, and fully rounded flavours, with perfectly balanced fragrances. It is our passion to delicately chop fresh ingredients and fuse together classic recipes to create healthy and restorative meals for you.

Bristol’s Destination Chinese Restaurant

For this reason, Toro Noodle Bar is quickly establishing a reputation as Bristol’s destination Chinese and East Asian restaurant, proudly serving some of the most authentic traditional Chinese food you’ve ever tasted and constantly innovating new recipes and spice blends.

Chinese Banquet

With a huge selection of dishes using meats, vegetables and seafood, it makes us proud when we give customers a genuine Chinese banquet experience and so we believe in generous portions of even the most premium ingredients, such as meat and fish. It all adds up to fine dining, Chinese style — cooked fresh and healthy, using the finest ingredients every time.

Try us today and you will not look back. Order a takeaway delivery or make a reservation.

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